Sunday, 16 June 2013

Helsinki 15 June 2013

We arrived at about 6:35a.m. on Saturday 15 June and the sun had been up about 3 hours by then. From the air, the countryside looked so green and neat that we wondered if we were looking at golfing greens. We got into our hotel early but went out on the streets to see the sights. ended up down at the main shopping area near South Harbour and the City Hall. There was a Saturday market by the harbour side opposite the City Hall. Lots of market stalls selling food and the usual market goods and trash. We had a couple of  Finnish  sausages (very nice).
The pictured flower stall was a stand-out. Our hotel accommodation was really comfortable and the breakfast was magnificent. Pity the room was a bit small. we enjoyed our walks but we had only a limited time there. We will be back for a few more days later in July. It may nearly be midsummer but we and the locals needed to wear jumpers, jackets etc as there was a cold breeze coming off the Baltic Sea. Just about everyone we spoke to had a good command of English. It is a very tourist friendly place. You can see some of our photos in our picasa album and visit the "Helsinki First Visit" album.

LATER Sorry the Helsinki album is now shared - my mistake.

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